Infinite Romanticism

Reindeer in Lapland

Infinite romanticism

After months of impatience (maybe years), we landed on February 15 in the pretty Lapland region. A new experience for us because it was our first visit to Finland. The day of our arrival at Äkäslompolo, we discovered our accommodation for the next 7 days: a charming chalet with our private sauna to our greatest pleasure! During this adventure, we were able to discover the different facets of Lapland.

Like a 50s movie

That black and white world with landscapes filled with snow-capped trees whose colors hide under the thick layer of ice. We ended up like in a 50s movie. We’ve never seen so much snow in our life. Furthermore, we felt like we were in a giant snow globe that turned from time to time to drop the big flakes on our heads.

Blokhut in Lapland
Äkäslompolo wegwijzer
Zonsopgang in Lapland

The next day, that of a pastel-colored sky with a pink sunset of infinite romanticism. We were pulled by huskies running down the paths through a magical scene. Their contagious excitement dragged us into this confusing frenzy. We literally slipped to the rhythm of their race.

A Lapland with bucolic curves dotted with walks in pure and silent panoramas. There are many possibilities to diversify the paths. We were accompanied along these by cross country skiers or cyclists.

The sporty side made up of snowshoe treks through the forest specially made by Robbe and Hans who offer us breathtaking landscapes.

Once the effort is over, the reward is worthy of the promise: a view that extends up to on the horizon.

We were also able to try a day of skiing on a fresh and light snow for all levels with the added bonus of the sun warming us. Despite the 700 m altitude, we took full advantage of the area and the precious moments in the ski lift.

The fun side with an activity like snowmobiling is that it didn’t attract us at first sight, but once we tried it, we quickly fell in love. This speed through the trees gave us new sensations.

The history of reindeer

And finally the favorite, most authentic facet: the discovery of the Lapland culture through the history of reindeer, their way of life and their evolution, which during a ride offers us different times, sometimes sunny sometimes snowy. We hiked the way with one of the youngest reindeer, who loved waiting for his elders to be advanced to do a little sprint. We particularly appreciated the incredible manager who opened the doors of her world to us around a fire with a wonderful homemade berry juice.

Reindeer in Lapland

The snowfun village and its guides accompanied us every day to teach us more about the lifestyle and their passion for this region.

Thanks to Robbe and Hans, our two companions, who beyond explaining the different days, the organization and their availability, warmed us with their good humor, their experience and their inexhaustible joie de vivre. We will never thank you enough for these shared moments around the fire.

Thanks to Lapland Travel, we have made one of our most beautiful dreams come true. This will be replaced by precious memories who will complete our life from today. We left part of our heart in this wonderful place that is Lapland.

We left part of our heart in this wonderful place that is Lapland.

Written by Caroline