All of a sudden I’m 18 again. No work pressure, no stress. Just living in the moment, not a care in the world….just experiencing the world. I don’t even know exactly where I’m going, I just know I need to follow the Vespa in front of me. That feeling of real freedom.

It’s magical

How can a little Vespa do this? But it does, it’s magical. Is it a dream? No it’s much better. From the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa, the spectacular skylines of Sienna and Florence to the little known backstreet restaurants and shopping opportunities. Riding through the peaceful lane ways surrounded by vineyards and castles. Enjoying the dance of the Vespa, accelerating and braking, leaning and turning, at one with the machine as we climb our way up the winding road to the ancient town of Montefegatesi to be rewarded by a spectacular view.

Real freedom in the vineyards in tuscany

Spectacular sights and smells of the Tuscan countryside slowly slip by as I gently guide my new Italian steed over the cobblestone roads.


What is an adventure without an element of fear? The streets of Florence, where our skills are put to the test, so many cars, with what seemed like a complete disregard for our mighty Vespa’s, the roundabouts and the traffic lights. We successfully snake our way through the city and as a team we prove ourselves worthy.

The unexpected but very welcomed swim in a cool refreshing roadside stream. Rock jumping into the crystal clear water. We are totally immersed in the relaxed Italian culture.

That feeling of real freedom on the vespa trip

We arrive at our accommodation where our bags await us and our little flock of Vespa’s are left in the car park. I congratulate myself for upgrading to the premium motels.

The grandeur and elegance of these old establishments makes me feel like I have walked onto the pages of a Tuscany romance novel.

And as we enter the bedroom I secretly hope my wife feels exactly the same.

We all then migrate to the pool for a well-earned swim and a refreshing beer or spritz or both, there are no rules here, pure indulgence.


Group of Vespa's in Tuscany

We started as strangers on this adventure but it didn’t take long for friendships to form as we all ensured we arrived safely at our destinations. The communication of the beeping Vespa horn is understood by all. Fun and laughter bridge the language barriers. Then, Camaraderie formed on the road continues well into the night as we enjoy the culinary delights that Italy has to offer, sharing stories of the day’s highlights together.

I sleep like a baby in the air-conditioned room and awake to the realization that I’m living the dream.

I press the starter button to fire up the little beating heart of my Vespa and I find that our souls are once again entwined as we journey towards our next adventure.

Groups of Vespa in tuscany, Montefegatesi

The Vespa trip is so much more than a holiday, more than spectacular sights and scenery. It is an opportunity to reignite the youthful passion and excitement for the joy of living.

David & Brenda
The Vespa Trip 2019 – Tuscany