If you should do one thing in your life it must be going on a trip with The Vespa Trip.

picture of The Vespa Trip Amalfi Coast in Italy

A wonderful experience

For us, it was a wonderful experience with memories for a lifetime with the beautiful setting of the Amalfi Coast. We are not even doubting about doing another one in the future. Sicily or Tuscany you should better be prepared! We’ll be back, that’s a promise.

Starting The Vespa Trip, we were a little insecure to ride at the busy city of Naples, since we never had driven a scooter before. Luckily for us these insecurities were quickly taken away with a quick course and a little trip through the busy center, all guided by our guide Jonathan, who put us at ease and encouraged us to do it. Afterwards all these doubts were unnecessary.

Once The Vespa Trip really started, we had the pleasure to get to know the other people riding with us. With a lot of different nationalities, different ages, etc., we had the nicest team ever!

Everybody took care of each other and no one was ever left behind.

After the exhausting rides we ended the days with a delicious Italian group diner. Thanks to our guide, who always arranged authentic, original Italian spots. The people who were with us, made the experience even more unforgettable. I can assure you, all meals were lovely and the funny company even more. For us it was the first time to travel in group, but as said before it really will not be the last.

Places we would never see

picture of the view of the Amalfi Coast during The Vespa Trip

Being with The Vespa Trip brought us to places we would never be able to see all by ourselves. Travelling by Vespa gives you a kind of freedom which would never be possible by car. Riding around the amazing Amalfi Coast, was a magic feeling, with a big sense of freedom. Sometimes it even felt like being in a film. All the routes were very various, from the Amalfi Coastline to the hills where nature took the upper hand. While driving, several stops were provided, from places to eat, famous sightseeing places, to places to swim. Those refreshing moments were very welcome since the Italian temperatures were rising very quickly. Luckily the heat was very acceptable on the Vespa.

Another thing interesting to mention, is that you are not obligated to drive in group.

Navigating never was so easy

A handy GPS-system with all the routes planned can take you from starting point to end point very easy. Some people are very curious about what happens with the luggage… well gladly there was this young daredevil, our second guide Elke who had the balls to drive with a van through the Italian traffic and made sure our luggage arrived on time at the next hotel every day.

picture of The Vespa trip in Amalfi

If you should do one thing in your life it must be going on a trip with The Vespa Trip. The Vespa Trip is a lifetime experience with places and people that are unforgettable and memories that will be in our hearts forever. (PS.: Surviving Italian traffic, makes you able to survive every traffic in the whole wide world)

Inez & Sander
The Vespa Trip 2019 – Amalfi Coast