It’s week 26, which means it’s the last week of exam season in Belgium. Somewhere in Antwerp you could find us struggling through the last bits of study material. Blood, sweat, tears and… oh, a message from The Vespa Trip. It’s an invitation for a WhatsApp group. Immediately boredom makes place for excitement, knowing our bucket list holiday, the fairytale of driving a Vespa in Italy, is just around the corner. We started wondering about the kind of people that would be in our group (spoiler alert: they were terrific) and daydreaming about the trips we would make.

“The Final Countdown” from Europe is playing constantly in the back of our minds…

Two girls driving a Vespa in Tuscany, Pisa, Siena, Florence and Lucca on The Vespa Trip


It’s week 27 (finally!), Monday. After arriving to Pisa and checking into our hotel (fun fact: we walked past it for about 2 times because we were so eager on starting our holiday) we decided that it was about time for dinner. We chose to enjoy an ice-cream next to the tower (got to live the Italian life to the fullest right?). This includes some tourist proof pictures including our ice-cream cones.


It’s Tuesday and we all know what this means: it’s time to drive! We were really, really, really hoping for a red vespa. It happens we were really, really, really lucky that day. And so, we drove off on one of the red Vespa’s, enjoying every bit of scenery with a bit of light music (read: K3, Marco Borsato and Shawn Mendes) on the background.

Always smiling, this reflects how we felt about this trip.

Although it was 35 degrees Celsius, we never really bothered. The temperature on a Vespa is always perfect, although the wind kind of made me look like I went to Tina Turner’s hairdresser.

From Pisa over the Chianti region to Lucca: all these places have stolen a piece of our hearts. But our absolute favorite day was the last one. Maybe that’s because we realized the fairytale of driving a Vespa in Italy would soon be over (so we tried enjoying it twice as much). Or maybe because of the breathtaking sights in Montefegatesi, the chilly road towards it or the stopover in Bagni di Lucca.

Driving the winding roads uphill towards Montefegatesi was challenging, but so much fun and definitely worth it. Back down we stopped over near the Lima river not far from Bagni di Lucca. I bet we could have stayed there for days. In fact, if you’d left me behind, I probably still wouldn’t have left the place. After enjoying our lunch in this scenic place, we went for a short and ice-cold swim in the river. I would have sworn that time stood still over there. A place where you can easily forget all your worries.

Montefegatesi The Vespa Trip Tuscany

One last ride back to Pisa and this sadly means the end of this incredible Tuscan road trip. We’re not crying, it’s the wind you know…

At this point in our story it’s time for a special shout out to all the people we’ve met, who were such great company throughout this week. This also includes our tour guides, who took great care of us.

It’s week 28. So here we are, back at home, still enjoying the aftermath of what we believed was one of the best trips we ever made. Some may ask if we had fun riding “le Tour de France”, but fortunately we can tell them we got our tan lines elsewhere. Long story short: we loved the trip, the people we met and the Tuscan sun. 

Back at our hotel in Pisa we secretly checked if there was still place left for week 28  (unfortunately there wasn’t haha).

One thing left to say: a dopo!

Alix & Amber
The Vespa Trip 2019 – Tuscany