“Travelling through Italy on a Vespa is the ultimate Italian way to experience every aspect of this amazing country”

During the first week of July I was fortunate enough to join the Vespa trip in the Amalfi Coast. It seems too good to be true. Travelling through Italy on a Vespa is the ultimate way to experience every aspect of this amazing country. With a 360 degrees view, Italian conversations and music in the background. The scent of the fresh kitchen and ingredients while crossing through the chaotic Italian traffic. You feel like the winner of all tourists you’re passing by.

the ultimate Italian experience

A well-preserved city

After leaving Napoli, you arrive at Pompeii to walk through an area of pure history. Only to imagine which thoughts went through the minds of the inhabitants, when almost 2000 years ago the Vesuvius covered the city with lava. The well-preserved city leaves little to the imagination. After a long day in the heat and full of impressions, you can cool off in the hotel pool.

Evidently, every evening you are guaranteed to enjoy the most delicious Italian dinners. Live music accompanied by a glass of local Limoncello and wine.

The journey continues

After breakfast with a view on the mountains, the journey continues. You follow the coast that provides the opportunity to visit cities such as Positano and Amalfi. In Positano, you can have a swim in the sea while enjoying the view of coloured houses against the mountains. Afterwards, you’re approaching what looks like dozens of sailboats and the ever-moving sunset. After Salerno, you drive into the mountains and it feels like the coast is already miles away.

Panoramic views aren’t rare and the scent of the forest ensures you will feel like the luckiest traveller.

You will discover a beautiful waterfall in which you can take a swim. Only if you’re tough enough to embrace the cold of the freshly melted water. Yet, after a day in the Italian sun, you’ll be happy to submerge here. You’ll need the sun again, though, to recover from the cold and to continue the Vespa trip.

waterfall in campania

In this area of the country, after driving around the famous volcano; the Vesuvius, it cannot lack from your holiday to master it and test your stamina. Besides the hiking experience, there is a panoramic view over Napoli. You’ll get an incredible look into the crater of the Vesuvius.

“Overlooking Napoli as well as Pompeii, you could try to comprehend the significance of the volcano. The panic of the inhabitants of Pompeii all those years ago when it erupted must have been unreal.”

Until the next encounter!

During the final part of the trip you make your way back into the centre of Napoli. Just surrender yourself to the Italian traffic and enjoy the ride. Experiences are shared during the final dinner with the group and goodbyes are said; only until the next encounter!

The Vespa trip is the ultimate Italian experience and is highly recommended for every individual with a true travel spirit.

The Vespa Trip 2019 – Amalfi Coast