Our journey started in Pretoria, South Africa where we Adri had to learn to ride a scooter. On 19 Aug we, Charmain, Adri and Pieter (later called: The Vespugs in Italy), arrived in Napoli where we were welcomed and had a brief discussion of the tour.

DAY ONE: an eyeopener

The day we, the Vespugs were waiting for so long, is finally here. We chose our Vespa’s, and off we were. The trip through Napoli was an eye-opener – we are used to heavy traffic, but if you haven’t driven a Vespa in Napoli before, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Scary stuff!

Our first stop was Pompei. We visited the ruins, had something to eat and drink, and we were on our way again. After lunch, we couldn’t keep up with the group, and soon we were on our own. We were now more relaxed, cruised along the route, and had our first glimpse of the beautiful Amalfi coast. On our way to the hotel, we landed in a pedestrian street in Sorrento, and after a warning and help from a very friendly police officer, we reached the hotel. The fridge in the hotel, filled with ice-cold drinks, was more than we wished for. It was official – the Vespugs became the Slowpugs.

DAY 2: the lost pugs

We woke up stiff and sore, but fully prepared for our second day. We knew we would hit traffic, but nothing could prepare us for the extent of it. Starting off with the group, but then losing them before we reached the bottom of the mountain.

We enjoyed the stunning views the Amalfi Coast offered, and stopped at the Marina di Praia, a beautiful little bay nested between the mountains.

We had a quick swim and something to drink, and we were on our way again. Our next stop was Ravello – a beautiful little town. We enjoyed wandering around for some time, and then headed to Salerno for the final leg. Oh, dear – we got SOOOO lost. At least the scenery was something out of this world, and at last, after 11 hours on the road, we finally reached the hotel. Again we had to rename our little team – we now were the Lostpugs.

View on the Mediterranean Sea in Positano - the Vespugs in Italy

DAY 3: another strategy

Cascina del Tartufo - Vespugs in Italy

We realized that we had to work out another strategy. Trying to stay with the group was no option, we just couldn’t keep up. We decided to head straight to the hotel, leave Adri’s bike there and Pieter would lift her. This way, we had a ‘backseat driver’ who could manage our GPS. We headed towards Montella, a very quiet little town. We had lunch at Cascina del Tartufo – delicious!!

Of course, we got lost again on our way to the waterfall, after all, we were the Lostpugs.

Eventually, we found it, and enjoyed spending some time there with our feet in the freezing cold water. On our way back to Montello, we accidently landed on the highway. We went forward as there was no way back. I could only pray that we don’t run into a police officer, but soon we reached the next offramp, and we found our way back to the hotel.

Vespugs in Italy, waterfall near Avellino

DAY 4: the vespugs are back!

We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful route this leg offered. We took our time, took many photos, and enjoyed a drink at the Bar Valle Verde at the bottom of the Vesuvius volcano. Eventually deciding not to go further up the mountain, we slowly cruised back to our final stop – Napoli. I am glad to say that our name has been restored in honour – we were the Vespugs in Italy again.

Posing next to The Vespa Trip van in Napoli

Our tour ends with a very enjoyable dinner with our tour leaders and some of our fellow tourists. All together, we had some tough times, but thoroughly enjoyed this adventure.

The Vespugs in Italy – Pieter Ehlers
The Vespa Trip 2019 – Amalfi Coast round trip